Monday, September 11, 2006

Version 0.3.0 of Groovy Monkey released

I am just putting all the packaging in place for the latest version of Groovy Monkey, version 0.3.0. By the way, I am not putting a whole lot of meaning behind the version numbers, 0.2.0 was chosen before since it was originally a port of Eclipse Monkey and it was at version 0.1.5 or something. The following is noteworthy:

Version 0.3.0 - September 11, 2006

  • Changed the Groovy Monkey default project name to GroovyMonkeyScripts as per issue: [ 1536760 ] Change GroovyMonkeyExamples to GroovyMonkeyScripts

  • Added an Include-Bundle dialog to the editor context menu, to the Package Explorer view and Navigator.

  • Added Include and Include-Bundle dialogs to Groovy Editor context menu command set.

  • Added a Java search, modeled on the PDE search, to the outline view to look for all the classes exposed from an included bundle in the set of exported packages. So if your 'External Plug-in Libraries' project is setup, you should see the classes.

  • Added a Script-Path: metadata tag that is automatically maintained by Groovy Monkey, it is set to the workspace path of the script.

  • The Script Outline view now has menu commands to switch between Flat/Hierarchical views of the binding.

  • There are now error markers signifying some command errors with script metadata and some quick fixes to assist.

  • There is now some content assist on the Script Metadata tags.

  • A new submenu of the top level 'Groovy Monkey' has been added called 'Edit Script'. The Edit Script submenu reflects the top menu, but instead of launching the scripts, it opens the editor for you.

  • Added Hippie completion to the editor.

  • Added ability to map dom vars to different names for the local script, enables solution for variable name conflicts between DOM plugins.

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