Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Groovy Eclipse Release

The time has come finally for a release of the Groovy Eclipse plugin. The plugin has been published to the update site.

There are a few notes to make.

First off there is now refactoring support inside the plugin for your Groovy Code. To see this demonstrated head over to this wiki page. Besides documentation there are some pretty cool flash demos of the features which should entice.

Second, the groovy plugin now supports the 1.5.7 version of Groovy.

Third, this release does not contain support for the joint compilation of Java and Groovy code by the Groovy compiler. This is a priority for the next release, and is a perfect segue to the next note.

Fourth, please feel free to visit the wiki page Groovy Eclipse Roadmap. There the Groovy Eclipse team is collecting priorities and feedback for features to be added to future versions of Groovy Eclipse. The plan is to release another version here before the end of the year or soon after the new year, depending on the issues that are resolved, feedback from the community of users and the release schedule of new versions of Groovy.

Fifth, if you are having issues with the plugin, please contact either the Groovy Eclipse mailing list (you can subscribe here), follow Groovy Eclipse on Twitter. or browse/add JIRA issues here. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Finally, as the Groovy Eclipse project lead, I would like to thank our contributors that made this release possible, in particular Thorsten Kamann, Michael Klenk, and Heiko Bottger. Finally a shout out to Guillaume Laforge, for helping to keep Groovy Eclipse afloat and me on track. Thanks everyone!